1.1 is out. This adds the newst charater Soka! Who you can change her name too. Now instread of the ending to tital screen.. You free roam more. Enjoy


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Jun 24, 2017

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Hello! I've played through this game and I'd like to offer some constructive criticism, like you said. Please don't take anything I say to heart, it's just meant to help, I don't mean to sound rude or anything like that. Also, I should warn you: huge mountain of text incoming!

  • The window color is very bright and offputting. If nothing else, this will make a good amount of players turn away 
    from the game entirely, when they haven't even seen much of the content, which is something you might want to avoid, especially if the rest of the game would be otherwise very good
  • The character design of the main character uses a few very saturated colors, which, coupled with the window color, really aren't very pleasing 
    to the eye. You've got the blue in the hat, the bright green hair and bright red cape. All of these don't mix very well together, although I'm aware the image was created with the built-in editor, which doesn't offer a lot of diversity with more desaturated colors, and, of course, this could also just boil down to personal preference. I'd advise to change something about the  design, but you don't have to, whatever you prefer
  • One of the first lines in the game is "I can't remember a thing. Only thing that I remember is my name", which really doesn't 
    make sense, since those two affirmations contradict each other so obviously, it really doesn't sound good. You could try  something like "I can't remember a thing, except for my name" or something, idk
  • The thing that bothers me most is the mapping. I don't think I've played through everyhting, but all of the maps except the worldmap 
    were ridiculously huge and empty. That's what you'll want to avoid the most. There's no reason they should be that way. There's an excessive amount of dead space everywhere. When you enter the town, you're greeted with just floor tiles which take up the whole screen, and nothing else, and, continuing through the town, there's way too much space where you just walk a lot  between houses, and the interiors of the houses suffer from this too. I'm not saying you should make everything super  cramped , just please don't make the maps look like big empty boxes with nothing in them. Instead of having  every house like a giant rectangle with 90% dead space, you could experiment with giving them more interesting shapes, corridors, whatever you want. I recommend looking at examples of maps from other rpgs for reference, and don't be concerned with making the places in the  game look the way they would in real life. Just because you've got a town or a village, you shouldn't make it look very  big and spatious. Instead, in game it may be simplified, brought down to just a few houses with little to no space in  between them.
  • Aside from those, I encountered a bug where I went to the desert area thing and it showed a conversation between the two 
    characters, even though I hadn't been to the first town, therefore I didn't even encounter the girl with the braids at that point, nor did I talk with any guard. Plus, that conversation plays every time you enter the town, when it should  really only play once. So, you enter the desert, the conversation plays, then you exit, and when you enter the desert  again, the conversation doesn't play one more time. You can easily fix this with a self switch
  • Now, stepping away from all the negative points, I really enjoyed the design of Soka. I think she looks really cute and has the potential of being a pretty interesting characeter.

That was it! I hope I didn't bore you to death. Overall, this was a pretty good first attempt at making a game, I've seen way way way way worse, again please don't be discouraged because of what I've said, I'm just trying to help you see what areas you might want to improve upon. The biggest trap that new developers fall into is recieving criticism about their game and then being too discouraged and anxious, at which point they stop making games altogether. Making games is like any other skill. It takes time and practice. You shouldn't give up on it, even if you can't create some masterpiece at first. You just need to give yourself time to accumulate more experience. Hell, if you don't agree with what I've said, please don't take it into account. You creations should make you happy before anyone else.

Thank you so much. I want to improve it alot for you and others. So this really helps me alot.